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Letting go, Something new

I have been noticing some situations in life, including during sessions with clients, this need to release things. Be that items we seem to be storing in our homes, health concerns or relationships. I was in search of a tool I might be able to incorporate in to sessions along with Cranio-Sacral Reflexology and Vibrational Sound Therapy.

A friend of mine told me about something she was using to create abundance in her life and her business. It was a “board” she writes on everyday at the start of her day, setting her intention. I was intrigued. She told me of how her business was doing VERY well and things “just seemed to appear” for her. I investigated things further on my own, in search of what I was looking for to help with releasing.

It didn’t take long before I found what I was looking for, thanks to the internet. Near the beginning of May I started to invite clients to “take things to another level” during their session. Inviting them to consider what they would like to release during the session, and then taking the time to write that on the board. Explaining to them that I do not need to see what is written, or drawn on the board, as it can be placed in the holder facing the wall.

“Why do this?” you might ask. Through the years I have found there are so many times we hold on to something … cause it is familiar, it is “expected of us”, or the discomfort is related to something that happened to us (in the case of an injury), etc. and we just can not seem to shake it loose and let it go. Reflexology can definitely help our body’s release, there is no doubt about that fact. The singing bowls, Vibrational Sound Therapy, is very effective at helping the body to release as well. However sometimes when discomforts have been there for a longer time, months or years, things do not move as easily or as quickly as we need them to, or would like them to. This is where the Buddha Board comes in!

Adding the “Buddha Board – Mastering the Art of Letting Go” to my practice is one way to help create a clearing connection – body, mind and spirit – for your body to heal.

Body – The reflexology and / or sound therapy sessions definitely assist the physical body to make changes and human touch is an integral part of those changes.

Mind – Having the visual, actually seeing the changes via the Buddha Board, can help your mind / thoughts to let go of what is no longer needed and move forward in life.

Spirit – During a Cranio-Sacral Reflexology session there is a deep connection to your soul, the “liquid light” contained in your cerebral spinal fluid and the stillness which can be experienced. Whereas the relaxation obtained during vibrational sound therapy radiates throughout your body, much like the ripples on the water after throwing a pebble in a lake.

One of our goals is always to relax so that we may release what is no longer needed and move forward toward our greatest good.

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