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License No. LH61235227

Laura B. Citrin, PhD, LMHC


Laura works with adults who feel depressed, anxious, lonely, ashamed, stigmatized, othered, or “not good enough.” Areas of expertise include existential concerns about one’s purpose and finding meaning; struggles with sexism/misogyny; and challenges around reproductive issues (infertility, miscarriage, traumatic labor/delivery, postpartum depression). Laura’s therapeutic practice is humanistic, existential, psychodynamic, and feminist, grounded by a social psychological perspective on human beings as situated within their social worlds. She seeks to engage in therapy that is collaborative, respectful, and caring. Her philosophy is that human beings are not easily categorized or labeled and that therapy works to alleviate suffering via building a therapeutic relationship based on trust, rapport, and the patient’s sense of being truly seen, heard, and understood for who they are. She is known to have a hearty laugh.


Laura earned her doctorate in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan in 2004 and her MA in Existential-Phenomenological Psychology from Seattle University in 2019. Before she became a Psychotherapist, Laura was a professor of Social Psychology for 16 years.


To contact Laura, email her at or visit

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