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Sound Wellness at Smyth Landing has the resources you need in your quest for Wholeness- the way you define wholeness!


This is the place to start rebuilding and rebalancing the many elements of life. Our providers bring years of medical experience to their practice- giving them an extraordinary toolbox to access. By sharing space and common goals, (with our interdisciplinary approach) we can enhance and accelerate your path to whole living.
Ultimately, we are all about helping you regain balance in your life --- recapturing the vitality and joy for life you desire! If we cannot provide what you need we will refer you to a wide variety of wellness professionals in our network. You are our priority!

What does Wholeness mean to you? 

Here at Sound Wellness we have set our focus on equipping you to embrace your best self, your best life, seizing every opportunity for joy and fulfillment. To do that, your body has to work at capacity and not be in pain. Your mind, body and soul need to work in the wonderful harmony they were created for. Unfortunately, our world is set against that very harmony. It takes a deliberate decision- a choice- to take care of you, to live life in balance.

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