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Eika Petermann
Nutritional Therapy/Energy Work and Esthetician

License No. WA53959

My purpose is to be a therapeutic, healing presence in the world. My goal is to work for the greater good by enhancing your personal wellness. When each of us functions at optimal wellness on a cellular and energetic level, the world becomes a safer, more peaceful place. Our experiences and relationships become enriching and abundant. Our potential is fulfilled. Who doesn't want that or want to know how to get there? I strive to empower you with knowledge and self-love. With a combination of training in Esthetics, Reiki, Chinese Face Reading, Nutrition and The Emotion Code, (and I'm still learning!) I deliver a truly unique healing experience. I want to work with people who make themselves a priority. If you are not interested in you, no one can help you become whole. Start saying  "yes"  to you!!

Facials are my vehicle to core wellness. Touch brings connection. Connection brings recognition and truth. Truth brings wholeness and wellness. We hold an enormous amount of tension in our facial muscles and expressions. Releasing this tension not only smooths signs of aging, more importantly, it allows for deep relaxation. This is the only state in which healing and creativity can occur. Through my 20 year career I have observed the intimate connection between our outward appearance and our "inner-net". If what you are eat, feel and think is not true, real and whole, it will reflect in your health, relationships, potential and your appearance.

Contact me at 360.790.5032 (text or call) to explore how I can help you on your path to wholeness with a facial, nutrition consultation, Emotion Code session or a combination of all my trainings. I'm excited to see you reach your potential!

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