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We treat the Whole You!

Rebirth, Awakening and Enlightenment

Our Philosophy


Gathering of the Goddesses 

Saturday, August 5, 2023


We believe that wellness takes in your whole being – mind, body and soul. Let our team help your body function at its best, so you can feel your best, look your best and live life to the fullest.


From the second floor of the Smyth Landing building, where it overlooks the beauty and serenity of Budd Inlet, Sound Wellness offers a unique array of disciplines designed to bring balance and joy back into your life. We know the world has you running at breakneck speed, so we created a retreat to refill your cup and invigorate your spirits.

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Your Wellness

Sound Wellness at Smyth Landing provides a calming environment to a group of experienced and caring wellness professionals who can treat the Whole You! A meditation area with tea bar replaces the traditional waiting room to ensure your time at Sound Wellness begins and ends with wellness and relaxation.


Services include Massage Therapy, Psychotherapy, Release Counterstrain Therapy, Reiki and Energy Therapy, Estheticians and Nail services. 


Take the first step toward wellness. View our currently offered services.

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