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Sound Wellness at Smyth Landing, Opening Fall 2016

We always wanted to create something special and unique at Smyth Landing and now it's happening!

Sound Wellness Center is coming to Smyth Landing in fall 2016. We are very excited to bring together a group of Wellness Professionals in a unique environment that allows them to treat the Whole You! Your mind, your body, your physical and mental self, plus professionals to care for your financial and emotional well-being.

At Smyth Landing we have collected the disciplines that can serve the Whole You!

You come to Smyth Landing to workout with your personal trainer, take Adrenaline Barre and or Yoga classes to challenge your physical self and tone you up. Then come upstairs to the inner sanctum of Sound Wellness Center, and serious therapy for your mind and your soul. There you consult with a range of professionals who will customize and coordinate a plan to bring wellness, and balance back into your life!

We can analyze what ails your mind and your body and help you reach your Health and Wellness goals!

Afterwards you can check in with your financial planner and your legal counsel on updating that estate plan, before you stop at the hair salon, or barber shop for a quick groom.

Then it's off to the Bistro Cafe and Wine Bar for an espresso, Chinese tea or glass of red Burgundy or maybe just a protein drink or fresh juice after you have worked out both your mind and your body.

Welcome to Sound Wellness at Smyth Landing. Where we treat the Whole You!

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