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  • Terri Lynn Perry

Monthly Breath Circle Gathering: “Just Breathe”

We each have a built-in self-soothing and self-healing mechanism—our breath. Sometimes we forget this easy, always accessible self-care tool and its simple power to help us at any given moment. Noticing your breath instantly brings you into the present. ​

Tap into the collective

At these Breath Circles we tap into your body's infinite wisdom and your experience is uniquely yours. By holding a circle for many breathers there is the space to go inward to do your own work, while still tapping into the collective experience.

What to expect:

We will spend some time at the start of our gathering going within our bodies and hearts to listen. Noticing what we feel and what the sensation of breath feels like in our body. Often, we will also set an intention for the practice. You will learn a 3-part breath exercise which will be done continuously while lying comfortably on the floor with mats/blankets/bolsters and listening to a playlist of my creation for about 40-45 minutes. The breath work combined with the sound and vibration of the music helps shift, release, expand or bring clarity wherever it is needed. While simple in form it can be a very powerful experience! Whether you're looking to simply unwind and relax tension in your body or dive deep and shift physical, emotional or energetic obstacles this practice is for you. No previous experience is necessary just a willingness to be open and present.

Cost: $33/session

RSVP Required - Please no walk-ins as space is limited. Reservations are taken up to an hour before class on Schedulicity. If you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as you can, so I can try to fill your space. Thank you! Please call/text 206-619-2976 if you have further questions. I look forward to breathing with you soon!

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