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Take Time.

The reflexology sessions I offer involve ninety minutes of your time. This is time you are investing in yourself and caring for yourself. Most clients realize the need to reserve a full two hours in their schedule when they come for a session. However, there are those clients who seem to dash out of the office and go right back to the “To Do” list they have in their mind, or in their purse or pocket.

What ever happened to the concept of “taking time for things?” To enjoying life. Society seems so focused on all those things we MUST do in a day. What about you? Do you “take time” to truly enjoy moments in your everyday life? What are you doing on a regular basis, on a daily basis, to care for you?

Let’s go back to the reality of what you do when you are leaving a session, be that a reflexology session or another type of bodywork. Are you taking the time to allow your whole body (your physical body, emotional body, spiritual body) to reap all the benefits of the session?

I invite you to come in for a Cranio-Sacral Reflexology session – and please be sure to “take time” after the session. Time to allow your body, mind and spirit to “just be” – to be in that moment of quiet, and see what you notice.

Starting tomorrow, January 20, 2017, there will be a Color Me Happy calendar available to encourage you to linger in the meditation space here at Sound Wellness. Have a cup of tea and please take the time to add YOUR colors to the mandala images. This may be a new way for you to be in the moment and reap even more benefits from our session together!

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